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Disclaimer: The career center attempts to verify positions advertised on ObieOpps, but we cannot guarantee that every advertised position is legitimate. The ultimate responsibility for researching and verifying a potential employer lies with you.

If you believe a position listed in ObieOpps may be fraudulent or incorrectly represented, please contact the career center at or 440-775-8140.

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Built from the ground up by career services professionals, ObieOpps enhances how information is shared and processed both within the university and between students and employers. Learn more about ObieOpps\'s unique features below!

On-Campus Interviews

On-Campus Interviews

The on campus interview is an exciting opportunity to meet face-to-face with top employers and open the door to your dream career. We've made the OCR scheduling and application process incredibly easy!

Don't waste time sorting through job postings. The OCR job search can display only the Interviews you qualify for. Further narrow your search by creating Job Search Agents that alert you each time a new job that meets your criteria is posted. Apply to job postings in minutes using your stored documents.

Easily view interviews you've been invited to; find a date and time convenient for you and book it in real time. We'll send email, text message or Facebook notifications to remind you of important OCR dates.

Jobs and Internships

Jobs and Internships

Looking for a job or internship? All the tools you need for a successful job hunt are right here!

Browse hundreds of local and nationwide opportunities from reputable employers. Streamline your search by applying filters based on your preferred Industry, Job Function, and more. Create custom Job Search Agents so you'll be notified each time a new job that meets your interests is posted.

Apply to postings in minutes utilizing your stored resumes, cover letters and additional documents. Stay organized - view your application history at any time.

Employer Profiles

Employer Profiles

The latest advice from career experts suggests that candidates build connections with recruiters well in advance of sending application materials. Put yourself ahead of the competition—research employers now with our Enhanced Employer Profiles.

Browse hundreds of multi-media employer profiles and easily locate the organizations that suit you. Get a true feel for the company's culture and mission by viewing the employer's videos and photo gallery, key stats, corporate overview, and more.

View the organization's latest Tweets, or link right to their Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter page!